Core Range: Tasting Notes


Richmond Rye

Rye Pale Ale - 4.3%

Brewed using four different malts, including a rye, & six different British hops gives a complex, spicy body to this pale ale alongside a fruity aftertaste & hoppy aroma.



Juniper Infused Amber Ale - 3.8%

Our botanically inspired amber ale is deliciously sweet & full bodied. It’s deeply fruity, almost Belgian body lends to the crisp freshness of the juniper. 



Orange & Earl Grey Pale Ale - 4.0%

Refreshing & citrusy flavours are defined in this pale ale. Fresh orange peel & intense earl grey give subtle flavours of mandarin and bergamot with slight hints of sweet lime. 


Join the Kew

IPA - 5.5%

Our flagship IPA, and one of the earliest beers in the Kew family, this new recipe gives rich piney notes alongside luscious hints of mango, lychee & grapefruit. 

Sheep in Wolf's Clothing

Farmhouse Saison - 5.9%

Brewed to a new recipe, this farmhouse Saison is brewed using Saison yeast alongside natural wild yeasts, gives big traditional flavours of cloves, spice & dark fruits, with a long dry finish.

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Sarah Sinclair