International Women's Collaboration Brewday: Kew Brewery & Kinini Coffee


Coming off the back of a very exciting International Women's Day, we wanted to say well done to all the breweries, businesses, and people in general that celebrated IWD yesterday. It's so amazing to see strong, powerful and dedicated women joining together to celebrate and do what we do best.  This is something that should, could and, in some cases, is celebrated each and every day!  

For our IWD at Kew Brewery we were lucky enough to be joined by Jacquie Turner of Kinini Coffee from Rwanda and her business partner Malcolm Clear.

Their mission is to help Rwandese farmers. They provide the coffee trees to the farmers for them to nurture and harvest. Therefore creating more jobs and increasing economic stability for these families. They yielded 76,000 tonnes of high quality coffee beans last year, with the goal of reaching nearly 100,000 this year.   

Amazingly, 85% of the farmers are women and Jacquie is helping to coach them on managing their finances, and empowering them with independence and the ability to provide for their families. We cannot wait to see what's in store for Kinini Coffee as the this project continues to grow!

Their premium mountain coffee comes from the slopes of Rulindo county in Rwanda.  We took their coffee, along with some helping hands, and brewed a Coffee Stout for International Women's Day. All under the guidance of our talented brewer Ross Adams. We call this stout "85/15" A Kew Brewery and Kinini Coffee Production, in recognition of the 85% Kinini farmers that are hard-working women.

It will be in shops and pubs in keg, cask and bottle by the end of the month. We can’t wait to share it with you!

We will also be carrying Kinini Coffee in our retail shop. Be sure to come for a beer or a coffee!  Or in the case of "85/15", the two of them in perfect harmony!

Keep happy, healthy and hydrated :)

Love, your Brew Crew at Kew Brewery