Pagoda Numerical Series: Archive

No.1 - Fusion Hops: Brewed using a blend of experimental English hops called simply 'Fusion'. It has pineapple and citrus aromas.

No.2 - UK Cascade Hops: Brewed with masses of UK Cascade hops for big but soft grapefruit and citrus flavours.

No. 3 - Jester Hops: Made with loads of that ‘difficult to get hold of’ new English hop Jester. Jester gives this beer lots of new world hop flavours – lychee, grapefruit and blackcurrant.

No. 4 - Instone Hops: When we first brewed it, almost certainly the first commercial brew anywhere using a brand new English hop called Instone. 

No.5 - Olicana Hops: Brewed with loads of juicy tropical fruit Olicana hops, and a good dose of piney, citrusy UK-grown Chinook as well.

No.6 - Pilot & Pioneer Hops: We've combined two lesser-known lemony hops - Pilot and Pioneer - for a light, citrusy and easy-drinking version of our pale.

No.7 - Minstrel & CF132 Hops: Brewed with an orangey-berry-mango combination of Minstrel and experimental CF132 hops. Originally brewed as a collaboration with the good people at the Simon The Tanner pub in Bermondsey.

No.8 - UK Chinook Hops: Showcases the pine and grapefruit flavours and aromas associated with the classic US version of Chinook, but toned down just a touch in comparison.

No.9 - Archer & First Gold Hops : It's our usual 'Pagoda Pale' malt backbone, but this time the apricot and blossom aromas of Archer hops meet the orange and spice of First Gold.

No.10 - American: Transatlantic pale ale celebrating the best of British and American hops. Rich bitter body with citrus nose.