The New Brew Crew: Jana

I'm Jana.  I am Canadian born and bred and come from a small town in Southwestern Ontario.  I have a big brother, a sister in law, a fab niece and nephew, and two pretty great parents.  

I spent the 10 years prior to moving to the UK in Toronto, where I fell in love with craft beer while working for Amsterdam Brewery.  

I am a lifelong student - studying two degrees while at University, and now in a certification course and aiming to achieve my diploma in Nutritional Therapy over the next few years alongside this crazy ride!  The combination of nutrition, beer and lifestyle is at the core of what I love about Kew Brewery and where I know this journey can take us! One botanical beer at a time :)


What three people would you invite to a brewmaster dinner?

  1. Stevie Nicks - She's an incredible artist, female inspiration, and I just wish I could be half as cool as she is when I grow up!

  2. Pierre Trudeau - I think he was a game-changing politician, bold and socially liberal, and it was his story that really got me interested in the politics of our time.  I think he'd be a lot of fun to chat with after a couple of tasters!

  3. Winston Churchill - for one, my mothers maiden name is Churchill so I've always wondered about a connection.  And I think the outspokenness of Winnie, combined with Trudeau's liberalism and Stevie's "no BS" mentality would make for some very interesting dinner conversation!

Who inspires the best version of you?

My family inspire me to be the best version of me.  Not because they're my family, but because I am lucky enough to have a partner, father, and brother, who all work harder than anyone I know.  They do anything for the people they love, always with honesty, integrity, and selflessness. I aspire to work as hard as these three, because I know if I do that I will surely succeed in business, but also in life and happiness. And my mother and sister-in-law look after everything else under the sun, and that I know is an incredibly tough job with our crew!

What’s your all time favourite beer?

My all time favourite beer is called Dewallen by Amsterdam Brewery in Canada.  It was a barrel aged framboise - and was what made me fall in love with sour beers.  It was only brewed once and I still dream of finding anything nearly as good! I recently had the peach sour by Burning Sun and it has been the closest.  Our goal is to brew one that can contend!

What’s your dream day off?

My perfect day would be spent on the beach, surrounded by friends and family, fantastic food and craft beer, sun shining, lots of swimming and definitely some boating and wake boarding.  The beach house lifestyle is definitely one that suits me! And of course finish the evening with a campfire and a late night dip in the sea.

What drew you to the craft beer industry?

In truth, I sort of fell into it.  I was working with a restaurant group in Toronto when I got the opportunity to be part of the opening team of the Amsterdam Brewhouse - a collaboration between the brewery and the restaurant group I was working for.  It was there that I fell in love with craft beer, the community it creates, and the love and passion that goes into it. I was lucky enough to be working with some amazing brewers, including brewmaster Iain McCoustra, who taught me so much about the intricacies of craft beer.  Once I met my partner, we realized we wanted to be a part of this and had been looking in the UK for some time for a small brewery before we came across KB, which was just right for us.

Sarah Sinclair