The New Brew Crew: Ross

Originally from sunny Leicestershire, I found my way to Kew through going to university in Newcastle and then migrating down via Dow Bridge, Wood Farm and Wild Card Breweries.

When I cannot be found in the brewery, I can be found with a beer in hand watching whatever sports, now that my playing days are long gone.


What’s your favourite beer?

When I was just starting out my drinking days, I tried Thornbridge’s Jaipur. This was so different to anything that I’d ever tried before & it created my thirst for hoppy pale ales. It was a game changer for me, interested me in beer & the variety of flavour that could be had.

These days my tastes change with my mood. Some days a lovely imperial stout such as Omnipollo & Buxton Brewery’s collaboration, Yellowbelly, goes down a treat. Where as on others the thirst quenching Saison L'ÉTE from Burning Sky is an absolute treat.

I'll always have a soft spot for our Pagoda range though, there are some very special hops that go into these. I have a couple of bottles of Pagoda 10 & 11 in my fridge that im saving for a special occasion. 

What drew you to the beer industry?

I drank beer for many years without really thinking where it had come from, it was only a chance conversation one night in the pub that led me to it. I bumped into a couple of local brewers who were dropping beer off & having a couple of samples themselves. They invited me to pop down to see what it was all about. After a day of being confused by a mass of pipes, hoses & strange terminology. I decided that i should pop in again and learn some more, the rest is history.

What's your favourite thing about Kew Brewery?

The thing I love about Kew is the adaptability & willingness of everyone, one minute someone can be off selling beer, the next they're in the brewery brewing, or scurrying away in packaging. It’s a small team that’s always learning & adapting to what’s going on. You never know what the next day is going to bring.

Favourite place you've ever been - why?  And what's the next on your travel list - why? 

I've recently returned from a few weeks in New Zealand, a stunning country full of some amazing people & it was great to see the beer scene over there. They are producing some consistently fantastic beers throughout the country & the craft beer following is really strong.

Next on the travel list is a bit closer to home, I'm looking forward checking out some of Europe's beery delights. I’m thinking trips to Belgium, Latvia & the Czech Republic are in the pipeline.

Sarah Sinclair