Meet the Kew Brew Crew

Jana & Jon met in Canada over some awesome craft beer. They drank a lot of it & came up with several ways to make the world a better place.

They agreed, in a fuzzy kind of way, that it would take a new way of doing business, creative, entrepreneurial thinking, quite a lot of hard cash & a great deal of craft beer to make their vision come true.

They decided that doing it together & building a brewery business would be a good first step. here we are at Kew Brewery, which they acquired in 2018, as a first step in creating a new type of business with both great beer and a higher purpose built in.

Along came Sen and Ross, who agreed there was something special, even important, to be done with Kew Brewery. With passion and expertise in equal measure, and a ‘what the hell, why not’ attitude, they completed the Brew Crew and it was game on!

Ross, our head brewer, came to us from Wild Card Brewery with 5 years experience in creating interesting & damn tasty brews.

Sen, our sales & Marketing representative, she was born in California & grew up in cyprus. She studied marketing management and focused her dissertation on feminism within marketing. She’s the go to gal for stocking our beer.

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